What is City Bathing?

City Bathing actively engages participants in a somatic immersion practice within the vibrant streets of New York City. Taking inspiration from the concept of forest bathing, City Bathing introduces an urban twist that embraces the dynamic energy of city life, tapping into its allure. By harnessing the power of your thoughts, physical movements, and intentional exploration of the urban environment, you can experience a sense of connection without leaving the city limits. City Bathing empowers you to create a personalized urban immersion practice by utilizing your existing skills. Amidst the bustling atmosphere, we will help you navigate through the distractions and discover the aspects of the city that align with your values, goals, and current desires.

Reconnect with the heart of New York City and nature by joining me at Central Park. You can enrich your practice by incorporating walks along the city streets, either as a group or individual experience. As we learn to maneuver through the elements that vie for our attention, we will uncover what truly matters to you and what you seek. All walks will center on your sensory experience as you traverse through a space that is uniquely yours. By viewing the city as a sanctuary and a source of support, allow it to meet you wherever you are on your journey, one step at a time.

“From the moment you arrive, New York City becomes your HOME, embracing you just as you are.”

-Jaime Crowe, Founder of City Bathing

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